I'll be at many events and parties this summer. Hope to see you!

People of all ages love face painting. There's something magical....


festive face painting

I love life, art and people.

I paint little kids, sophisticated young ladies and everyone else too. It's all about feeling festive and special!

Please contact me to schedule your own event or party!!!

You and your guests will be pleased to have me at your special event... I promise.

Assorted glitters and rhinestones, in addition to an ever expanding design line, enhance a festive mood at any celebration.

big cheetah young eyes

I guarantee that:

  • Paint is nontoxic.
  • Paint will dry quickly.
  • Artwork will not smudge.
  • Paint washes off easily or, you may choose my 'waterproof option'
  • Your event will be fun!


grapes blue eyes1
cheetah girl cheetah sm
festive face painting man
another tibetan
alpaca face painting


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